Mar 162014

Why Christian thumbThis is the 5th contribution to my “Why are you a Christian?” project, and it’s unique so far in that I’ve never met the contributor. It’s by Steve Curtis, who I know solely because we are fellow Christian bloggers. He blogs over at – do check it out! I’ve specifically chosen today to post Steve’s because this morning he was baptised. Congrats Steve!

So here is Steve’s answer to the question, “Why are you a Christian?”

steve curtis why

Committing to Jesus

I’m getting baptised this Sunday, March 16.

I’ve been putting it off for a good 5 years now. I put it off because I was going to university. I put it off because I didn’t go to church enough. I put it off because I had doubts. I put it off because I didn’t want to commit.

No more excuses. I’m taking the plunge (see what I did there?); in doing so, I’m affirming to myself, and everyone who knows me, that I am indeed a Christian.

It makes sense

I am a Christian because—despite what people say otherwise—Christianity, Jesus, the Bible, God, and the Holy Spirit all make sense to me.

I don’t care if the Bible contradicts itself. I don’t care if I don’t quite understand how creation happened. I don’t care that atheists, doubters and the secular world don’t get it.

I care about how I feel. I care about the lifestyle Christianity demands of me. I care about the church. I care about the community. I care about people. I care about Jesus’ sacrifice.

Christianity is about people. Christianity is about love. Christianity is about fellowship. Christianity is about relationships. Christianity is about God. It’s simple, really.

Why does it make sense? Christianity makes sense because I can feel the Holy Spirit working in me at times. Christianity makes sense because when I read the Bible, I can her God whispering to me. Christianity makes sense because when I spend time in church I leave feeling elated, happy, and inspired to make a difference.

For every statement against God, there is a statement on the other side of the coin for God.

Christianity isn’t as complicated as it makes out. We speak to God, read His word, do our very best and die knowing that we will spend eternity with our creator.

It gives me a purpose

I’m a Christian because it gives me a purpose. That makes sense. I couldn’t imagine living my life knowing that the only certainty was death.

I couldn’t live my life aiming to please people to be happy, to make the most money to satisfy my desires, to have as much sex as I can and to do whatever I darn well please. It all seems so pointless, and I feel sorry for those who live their lives like that. There is so much more to life. So much more to what your soul can achieve.

So. Much. More.

For me, the idea of the Big Bang is just as ridiculous as God making the Heavens and the Earth. For me, there is so much amazing stuff in nature (seeds, DNA, lungs, wings, etc.) that is far too intelligent to have been a consequence of gunk coming together billions of years ago. God makes sense.

For me, my relationship with Him is too real to ignore.

I am getting baptised because I cannot deny Him any longer. I am a Christian because I don’t want to deny him.

Thanks for contributing Steve! If you have any questions for him (or want to wish him will after his baptism!), drop a comment below. And if you want the full list of answers so far, head here.

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