Feb 212015
Three months on

Three months ago today my life was turned upside down. It felt as though the bottom fell out of my life and I would never stop falling. So many things that felt certain no longer were. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is the post where I shared what happened.) It’s three months […]

New beginnings (or, ‘The future of Limping into Truth’)

Sep 222014
New beginnings (or, ‘The future of Limping into Truth’)

Wow, it’s been over a month since I last blogged. I took a break over August because life was busy, and didn’t quite manage to pick up again in September. I’m sorry about that. Life has been a bit up in the air recently, and carving time out to write for this blog has slipped. […]

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Christians: let’s stop pretending

Jul 022014
Christians: let's stop pretending

This past weekend I was part of the leadership team for the youth track of a Christian mission festival called GOfest. I’ve blogged about it before. One of the major thrusts of what we did was try to help young people discover the part God has created them for in His mission and purposes for the […]

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Jun 042014
Unity: one of my favourite things ever!

Last night my church did something that reminded me of one of my favourite things ever. It was a joint church prayer meeting. May not sound much, but I loved it. It embodied one of the best things ever: Churches being united. I grew up in a youth group run by people from a number of local […]

If you go to one Christian festival this year…

Apr 252014
If you go to one Christian festival this year...

Ok, I have to declare a vested interest on this one. I am part of the leadership of the youth track for this conference, but even if I weren’t I’d still think it is a great conference and very worthy way to spend a weekend in June. It’s called GO Fest, and that one word […]

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Mar 272014
I've made a huge mistake, and I'm sorry

Three days ago, for the first time ever, I removed a post from this blog. There have been posts which on reflection could have been better, posts which I’ve added clarification to, and a couple posts I wrote but thought better of publishing at all. But this time I deleted a post. It went live […]

“Jesus wants his church back” – Malcolm Duncan

Mar 212014
"Jesus wants his church back" – Malcolm Duncan

I want to share some words which I was deeply struck by and which I think are very important for the church in our nation to hear. I claim no credit for this post. The words are those of my pastor, Malcolm Duncan, and I reproduce them here with his permission. A little context. Two […]

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Jan 192014
Get some new thinking!

When is the last time you started to believe something new? When is the last time you changed your mind? When is the last time you had a debate or discussion with someone you knew you disagreed with and actually – actually – entered into it open to being persuaded you were wrong? When did […]

Nov 292013
What is your church like?

This is a question I’ve heard a number of times in my life. Two Christians are talking, and want to understand each other’s church or theological traditions. So they ask a very natural question: ‘What is your church like?’ I think there is a problem with this question though. As an aside, it can sometimes […]

Personal Life Statement

May 092013
Personal Life Statement

During my year as an intern at Gold Hill, I have been part of a training programme called ‘Growing Leaders’. I’ve mentioned it here before, and it has been very good indeed. One thing we were encouraged to do (which I’ll admit I found a little daunting) was to work through a process to come […]

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