Jan 272014
"Your focus determines your reality"

I preached last night on the power of focus in transforming our lives. When we look at Jesus we see a perfectly and utterly focused life, focused on the purposes and priorities His Father had for His earthly life. He calls us to that same focus. The title of this post is a quotation from […]

Dec 152013
Say 'yes' to Christmas!

This is the third part of my Advent Reflections, looking at the four Gospel openings. First was Matthew who bravely opened with a long list of names (find out why it’s actually fascinating here), and then Mark who ignored the Nativity entirely. Third up: Luke, and it’s about not one mother, but two. The wrong […]

The Nazareth Manifesto, and why I don’t label myself

Jun 132013
The Nazareth Manifesto, and why I don't label myself

There are a few verses from Luke 4 which I (and lots of other people) really love! They are part of a passage in Luke’s gospel commonly known as the Nazareth Manifesto, where Jesus heads to the synagogue, opens up the scroll of Isaiah and quotes these words. Then he preaches, starting with the words: “Today […]

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