Apr 052015

Happy Easter, everyone! Whether you are full of joy, or like the first disciples full of questions and fear and anxiety, may you hear Jesus’ voice as he enters the room and says “Peace be with you”. If you liked this post, please share using the buttons below. Also, you can subscribe by clicking here […]

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Apr 042015

I’ve always found today to be a strange day. Friday has gone, and Sunday is coming, but it isn’t here yet. Where should we find ourselves on Easter Saturday? Where does it fit in our spirituality? Here’s the next of my videos on words from John’s Gospel. Today: “Solemnity” If you liked this post, please […]

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Apr 032015

Today, I am sharing my Good Friday video, as I continue to explore words from John’s Gospel. We call it ‘good’, but why? It feels pretty bad lots of the time. If you liked this post, please share using the buttons below. Also, you can subscribe by clicking here to receive all future posts by […]

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Apr 022015

As I continue to post up here the videos I’ve been making for Easter week, today’s word from John’s gospel is this: “feet”. I have to admit, this one is my favourite. It contains one of my favourite cheesy preacher lines, which I came up with a few years ago when preaching on this passage. […]

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Apr 012015

As in the last few days, I am posting a video I’ve made focusing on one word from John’s Gospel. I’ve been very gratified by the responses to these videos, as people have found them very helpful in their devotions as they journey through Easter week. Today, the word is “light”. There is great hope […]

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Mar 312015

This is the third of the Easter Reflections I’ve made for Gold Hill, reflecting on words from John’s Gospel. Today, a bit of a challenge to us, as we meet people who wanted to follow Jesus but didn’t. Hope you enjoy. If you liked this post, please share using the buttons below. Also, you can […]

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Mar 302015

This is the second of my Easter reflection videos that I’ve made for Gold Hill. Like yesterday’s, it is based around one word in John’s Gospel. Today that word is “Life”. What sort of life is it that Jesus offers? And how do we attain it? I hope you enjoy it. If you liked this […]

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Mar 292015

As part of my ministry at Gold Hill, I’ve been putting together some Easter reflections for people to use during Easter week, from today through till Easter Sunday. I decided it would be a good idea to share them here, too. I’m not going to write a lot about each one, just share them simply. […]

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I want to be a God Gazer

Feb 272015
I want to be a God Gazer

Of late, my posts here have been about the situation I’m in personally and what that’s meaning for my life. I’ll almost certainly keep blogging in that way, but it’s not all this blog will be. It’s not all my life is, so it won’t be all this blog is. Today, I’m writing about something […]

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The latest “Atheists are wrong” video, and why I didn’t share it on Facebook.

Jul 112014
The latest

You may have seen a video doing the rounds recently on Facebook. You may even have shared it around yourself. If you did, this post is not designed to make you feel bad, but to ask some questions about how useful they are. I’m not sure videos like this are particularly useful. Sometimes they can […]

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