Dec 222013
The real meaning of Christmas

This is the final part of my ‘Advent Series’ looking at the openings of the four Gospels. Matthew had a Christmas list, Mark forgot about Christmas and Luke reminded us we have to say yes to Christmas. Now, what about John? John is very different indeed, and gets to the real meaning of Christmas. Behind […]

Dec 152013
Say 'yes' to Christmas!

This is the third part of my Advent Reflections, looking at the four Gospel openings. First was Matthew who bravely opened with a long list of names (find out why it’s actually fascinating here), and then Mark who ignored the Nativity entirely. Third up: Luke, and it’s about not one mother, but two. The wrong […]

Dec 082013
Did the first Christmas happen?

This is the second part of my Advent series. I’m looking at the opening of each Gospel and how they each handle the arrival of Jesus in a different way. Last week was Matthew, who starts with a long list of names. Today, we are doing the next Gospel, Mark. It’s like it never happened […]

Dec 012013
The very first Christmas list

It’s Advent, and I have a plan. Each Sunday in Advent, I’ll post some thoughts on the beginnings of the four Gospels. Each Gospel introduces the arrival of Jesus in strikingly different ways, and it’s worth a look! Today, Matthew! What a way to start a book… Have a look at the opening verses of Matthew’s […]