My family are dying. Please help.

Aug 122014

I haven’t posted on here in a little while. There are a few reasons, but the main one is this: every time I’ve loaded up my computer to write a blog post I’ve seen all the status, tweets, blogs, news articles and profile pictures all pointing to one thing—Christians being persecuted and slaughtered. Things like this, this, , this and—of course—this:


This is what I’ve felt and thought: how can I just carry on blogging when all this is going on. Then I thought maybe I should blog about it, but what could I say? There is already plenty of poor information and comment being circulated by uninformed people. I won’t say anything that’s not already being said, so what’s the point?

But here’s my realisation: that’s total rubbish.

I don’t need to say something new, so I won’t try. I don’t need to be clever and write something really wise, so I won’t try. This, for me, is the bottom line:

The people who are suffering and dying are my Christian brothers and sisters. They’re family. And they’re hurting. When my family hurt, I hurt, and I desperately desperately want this evil to stop.

Please help

This blog has a readership. It’s not massive, but people read this. You’re reading this. I want to use what voice I do have to point you to some ways you can make your voice known. I haven’t ‘discovered’ these things. They aren’t novel and new. You’ve probably seen them before. But if you haven’t, or you haven’t used them or done anything with them, please please do.

Sign and petition: These people being murdered or becoming refugees have no voice to speak of. You do. You have a name, and you can give it to a petition calling for action. .

Contact your government representatives: Unlike Christians in Iraq, Iran, Syria and elsewhere, I am fortunate to have a government accountable to an electorate. If enough people raise something, they are more likely to act. Contact your MP, congressperson or whoever it is for you. For UK residents, .

Give: If you are in a position to do so, there are organisations you can give to who are able to help in practical ways those suffering and those running for their lives. .

Raise awareness: It may seem like a tiny gesture, but evil will never be overcome by either ignorance or silence, so make sure those you know are informed by raising your voice. Share one of the links I’ve posted. Share this post if you want. Change your profile picture and explain why when people ask.

Pray: I know not everyone who reads this blog is a Christian. But I am. Charles Spurgeon described prayer as the ‘slender nerve that most the muscle of omnipotence’. Prayer has power. Prayer changes things. If you pray about anything, please pray about this.


Once again, I ask that you not ignore this horrible evil. There are children without parents, parents who no longer have children, husbands without wives, wives without husbands.

These are my family and my family is being killed and ripped apart.

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