Oct 062015
Verging on Heresy

This is the first in a new kind of post I’m going to be writing for the blog. Actually, it’s more of an introduction to a new kind of post I’ll be writing. It is to do with heresy. (Also, sorry it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I’ve taken a little break, but I’m back!) […]

Jesus, not David Cameron, gets to decide what Christian faith is

Apr 022015
Jesus, not David Cameron, gets to decide what Christian faith is

You may have noticed there is an election coming up, and campaigns are brewing. I think that’s important, and I am following it all quite closely. You may also have noticed that Easter is upon us, and Christians are turning their thoughts even more closely to remember the most crucial part of our faith: the […]

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Reflections of a trainee pastor, part 1

Sep 252014
Reflections of a trainee pastor, part 1

I’m starting to write this on the train home from my induction week at Spurgeon’s College in London, where I am starting study as I train to become a Baptist minister. (I suspect I won’t have time to finish it on the train. If so, I’ll finish it later.) It’s been a good week, and these […]

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Jun 252014
Life is basically meaningless. Right?

Regular readers of this blog will know I love my small group! I’ve talked about them here and here (and one of the people in my small group wrote a post for me here). Last week, we started something new. We are studying the book of Ecclesiastes every other week when we meet. We each commit to reading […]

Easter, and living the great story of our faith

Apr 202014
Easter, and living the great story of our faith

Because of other commitments I haven’t been at home for the whole of Easter week in quite a few years. I’ve been home for Good Friday and then been elsewhere for Easter Sunday, or the other way round, or something else, but never at home for the whole of Holy Week. Until this year. This […]

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Mar 172014
Is doubt a sin?

I’d be lying if I said I never have doubts about faith. I cannot claim to fully understand God and it’s uncomfortable. I don’t want uncertainty, but where there is uncertainty, doubt is normal. Doubt is hard enough to live with. Trying to follow God who is so wonderful He eludes our comprehension is difficult. […]

Mar 062014
No longer ashamed of the jealous God

I’m really excited about the “Why are you a Christian?” project I’ve started, and Matthew’s answer yesterday. But it’s not all I’m going to be posting. I’ll do regular posts as well. Like this one! On Saturday, I tweeted a summary of what I’d been reflecting on in my quiet time (as I’ve been doing […]

Jan 162014

As I continue responding to the discussions on my post about Ricky Gervais, I now come to the second of three challenges I made to Christians (first here). It’s to do with the message we have to offer. I said we often begin explaining our faith with “You’re going to hell”, before carrying on with […]

Dec 082013
Did the first Christmas happen?

This is the second part of my Advent series. I’m looking at the opening of each Gospel and how they each handle the arrival of Jesus in a different way. Last week was Matthew, who starts with a long list of names. Today, we are doing the next Gospel, Mark. It’s like it never happened […]

Dec 032013
The Bible: trusting God isn't the main thing

Last night, Mel and I caught up on ‘The Bible’ TV series which started on Saturday night. In a few weeks this link won’t work, but for now it can be found here. We didn’t really know what to expect, but here are some of my reflections… What a great show! I think it’s fantastic […]