Mar 042014

Why are you a Christian?

This is the 67th post on this blog, and every one so far has been written by me. That is going to change very soon! I’ve decided to do something a little different, which I’m really excited about.

I’ve asked some people – and will be asking some more – to answer this question: “Why are you a Christian?” And I will be posting their answers as posts up here, starting very soon. I’m hoping it becomes a regular slot on the blog.

What’s the point?

As I wrote about last week, we all have a story and that story matters. No two Christians are identical. Even if the story behind their faith, or the reason they give for their faith are the same, we all talk about it in different ways.

It’s very easy to assume all Christians think the same way, or even believe all the same things. That simply isn’t true, and it is really important to have informed understanding of each other and healthy dialogue with one another.

I’m very aware when I stand in a pulpit and preach that the people in front of me are all different, are all at different points on different spiritual journeys. I try not to make unhelpful assumptions, but sometimes that is difficult. I’ve found that by exposing myself to as many different types of people and as many different stories and reasons for faith as possible, it gets easier to stop assuming things that aren’t true.

Hopefully this ‘series’ will help us all to grow in understanding of each other.

We might disagree…

I am very aware that doing this will probably mean that, at some point, there will be something posted on here that you disagree with. (That’s not really new. Plenty of people have disagreed with stuff I’ve written in the last 66 posts!)

I can’t guarantee that I will agree with everything that gets posted as part of this series. But I’ll post it anyway because if I didn’t it would just become an exercise in people thinking and writing like me. That would be boring.

There is real potential for some cool dialogue to take place in the comments section on these posts, so please get involved. But be respectful. Be nice. I’ve invited people to be vulnerable enough to share something personal to them in a public way and I’m not happy for them to be pounced on for it.

Would you like to contribute?

Like I said, I’ve asked a few people already, and have more in mind. But I want lots of different voices here. If you’d like to write a guest post answering “Why are you a Christian?” then submit a message on my ‘Contact Me’ page or email me at .

You don’t have to be a writer. This isn’t about style, but content.

You don’t have to have all the answers. Goodness knows I don’t!

You don’t have to have been a Christian for ages. I want people at all sorts of stages in their journey.

The first post should go live in a couple of days, so be sure to drop by and check in! And as I get more and more posts, the full list will be published here, so check that out too!

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