Mar 272014
I've made a huge mistake, and I'm sorry

Three days ago, for the first time ever, I removed a post from this blog. There have been posts which on reflection could have been better, posts which I’ve added clarification to, and a couple posts I wrote but thought better of publishing at all. But this time I deleted a post. It went live […]

Mar 062014
No longer ashamed of the jealous God

I’m really excited about the “Why are you a Christian?” project I’ve started, and Matthew’s answer yesterday. But it’s not all I’m going to be posting. I’ll do regular posts as well. Like this one! On Saturday, I tweeted a summary of what I’d been reflecting on in my quiet time (as I’ve been doing […]

Feb 272014
Tell your story. No-one else will.

Followers of this blog might remember that I love my small group! Since last writing about it, though, it has split to form two new groups. Something attracted other people and, so we didn’t become a ‘big group’, we split. That means Mel and I are part of a new group, with a whole load […]

Feb 252014
The problem with some worship songs

There’s far more to faith and Christianity than what goes on in our church services, but that doesn’t mean what we do together doesn’t matter. We should make sure what we do is right and honouring to God. An important part of what we do together is sing. But there’s a worrying trend in the […]

Jan 242014
Why do I believe the ridiculous?

This will probably be the last post responding to comments on my much-read Ricky Gervais post. The first explored why it is actually ok for people to challenge Christians, and the second presented a gospel which is not just a threat of hell. Now I come to probably the most common question: Why do I […]

Jan 192014
Get some new thinking!

When is the last time you started to believe something new? When is the last time you changed your mind? When is the last time you had a debate or discussion with someone you knew you disagreed with and actually – actually – entered into it open to being persuaded you were wrong? When did […]

Dec 222013
The real meaning of Christmas

This is the final part of my ‘Advent Series’ looking at the openings of the four Gospels. Matthew had a Christmas list, Mark forgot about Christmas and Luke reminded us we have to say yes to Christmas. Now, what about John? John is very different indeed, and gets to the real meaning of Christmas. Behind […]

Dec 112013
You are being told lies ... by yourself

On Sunday night, I introduced a room full of people to the imaginary world of Lie Land. Lie Land is full of liars. Everything is built on lies. It is impossible to tell the truth in Lie Land. The residents are unable to be or think or say truth. I then asked them to imagine […]

Dec 032013
The Bible: trusting God isn't the main thing

Last night, Mel and I caught up on ‘The Bible’ TV series which started on Saturday night. In a few weeks this link won’t work, but for now it can be found here. We didn’t really know what to expect, but here are some of my reflections… What a great show! I think it’s fantastic […]

Nov 232013
What Ralph taught me

This morning, Mel and I went with two friends and scattered some of Ralph’s ashes in a field he loved. Ralph was our dog who, a few weeks ago, was hit by a train and killed. Ralph was a huge blessing to us, bringing us a lot of joy. But he also taught me a […]