Feb 122014
#kingsenglish: why I tweet my quiet times

If you were to follow me on Twitter, you would see that my first tweet every day ends with the hashtag #kingsenglish. That is because I have started tweeting summaries of my quiet time reading. This is a post about why. ‘King’s English’ – great stuff! The King’s English is a book that started out […]

Feb 042014
Jesus is the answer to 'Flappy Bird'

On Sunday, one of the youth from church introduced me to ‘Flappy Bird’, a new game app. In the minute or so she showed it to me, I was hooked. I needed to beat my score. My score wasn’t even impressive. It was one. But I HAD to beat it. This has led to some […]

Jan 242014
Why do I believe the ridiculous?

This will probably be the last post responding to comments on my much-read Ricky Gervais post. The first explored why it is actually ok for people to challenge Christians, and the second presented a gospel which is not just a threat of hell. Now I come to probably the most common question: Why do I […]

Jan 112014
I've been making a movie!

So, I’ve made a movie. And you might be in it! Those who’ve been following this blog a while won’t be surprised by that. I wrote a post 9 months ago sharing the first 90 seconds of it, but now it’s 6 minutes long. A movie about me I made this film using an app […]

Jan 032014
A warning to Christian followers of @rickygervais

I’m a big fan of Twitter. I love it, and one reason is that you can connect with people you don’t know, including celebrities. One of them is Ricky Gervais . An introduction to @rickygervais Ricky (yeah, I’m going with first names) is a controversial guy. His comedy is controversial, and so are his tweets. (By […]

My favourite thing about our church

Nov 152013
My favourite thing about our church

People sometimes ask me what the best thing about my church is (possibly because my church is relatively well-known). My answer couldn’t be more simple: my small group. I love so much about our church, but my favourite thing is our small group. Why I love my small group It may seem odd that that’s […]

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I am ‘Young Blogger of the Year’

Nov 102013
I am 'Young Blogger of the Year'

Well, this has happened now. What an amazing evening last night was, and what a shock, honour and joy to win my category. I want to share a little of the evening with you all. Let’s start at the very beginning The awards were at The Brewery on Chiswell Street in London. Mel and I […]

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What I’m feeling

Nov 082013
What I'm feeling

My thoughts are usually very well-structured, and so are my blog posts. This one won’t be, because my thoughts and feelings are a bit all over the place. Three days ago, our beautiful and precious dog, Ralph, was hit by a train while playing with one of his best dog friends, Mishka, and they both […]

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I’m going to the BAFTAs! (almost…)

Nov 042013
I'm going to the BAFTAs! (almost...)

Me: What you up to at the weekend? You: Nothing much. How about you? Me: Same, not much. Except I’m going to an AWARDS CEREMONY at an AWESOME CONFERENCE!! You: Ok. Yes. It’s true. On Saturday Mel, a friend and I will be dressing up all fancy (Mel got a new dress, and she looks […]

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