Help Alison

Alison’s children need our help

I don’t normally use my blog to ask those who read it to do anything, but this time I am. I really hope you’ll read this, and I hope even more that you might do something in response to what I’m going to share. I want to tell you the story of Alison, and ask you to stand with me alongside her and behind her.

Who is Alison?

Last year I had the privilege of meeting Alison. That isn’t her real name, but I can’t share her real name for her safety and confidentiality. Alison is a name she likes.

Alison is an incredible lady who is living through her very own nightmare. One day last year she got home to find that her husband had taken her four children away and back to a North African country where his own family is from. This came after Alison tried to separate from him after years of him being mentally and physically abusive.

I had the opportunity to meet Alison because my fiancée’s family have got to know her, have become friends with her and have been supporting her as she finds herself in the midst of this tragic situation. She is a passionate, intelligent and kind lady who has tried to to what is best for her children and who has now had her taken from her.

Alison is fighting to get her children back, and I want to stand with her as she fights.

What can I do?

Alison has a lawyer here in the UK and a lawyer in the country where her children are. She has every legal right to have her children brought back here, but there are no diplomatic rights between the two countries so it is proving very hard. Progress is being made, but it is slow.

My soon-to-be in-laws have started a campaign for her to fight for her cause, and there are a number of things they are asking us to do. I am now asking you to consider which of these you could do?

  1. Find out a little more about Alison’s story and join the campaign. There is a website here that you can visit to do that.
  2. Allow yourself to hear the pain of the story. On the site, you can listen to a snippet of Alison’s daughter talking about her situation, and it is heartbreaking. I helped to edit the extended footage down as part of the legal work – this is a bright, hopeful young girl whose hope is being taken away and whose spark is struggling to stay aflame.
  3. Donate some money toward the campaign and Alison’s legal costs. The fundraising page is here. We are hoping to raise £20,000 and every amount given helps make Alison being reunited with her children here in the UK more likely.
  4. Raise awareness by sharing Alison’s story. The more people that hear about Alison’s story, the better. So please use your social media account, email contacts or friendship circles. Share this post or share the website above.
  5. Pray. If you pray, please pray for Alison, for her 4 children and for their nightmare to end.

We can help. And I really hope you will. Thank you for reading this far.

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