Jul 022014
Christians: let's stop pretending

This past weekend I was part of the leadership team for the youth track of a Christian mission festival called GOfest. I’ve blogged about it before. One of the major thrusts of what we did was try to help young people discover the part God has created them for in His mission and purposes for the [...]

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Jun 252014
Life is basically meaningless. Right?

Regular readers of this blog will know I love my small group! I’ve talked about them here and here (and one of the people in my small group wrote a post for me here). Last week, we started something new. We are studying the book of Ecclesiastes every other week when we meet. We each commit to reading [...]

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Jun 232014
Monday Blog Hop: Mel Criddle

Last week I was asked to write a piece about why and how I write as part of a series called the ‘Monday blog hop’. One of the people I nominated to follow it on is my beautiful wife, Mel. Here’s her contribution! What am I working on? Like my wonderful husband, I also have [...]

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Jun 162014
Why & how do I write this blog?

Today I have had a post published on someone else’s blog, and I wanted to mention it here. It is on the wonderful blog of the even more wonderful Debbie Duncan. I know Debbie from our church. She is a lecturer in Nursing in London, and is married to our pastor Malcolm. She has four [...]

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Jun 122014
Am I exclusive like Francis Maude is?

Yesterday at our staff prayer meeting at church, we had a bunch of different newspapers out and we prayed for the world and all that’s going on in it. I saw a story about Francis Maude, UK Cabinet Office minister, and it made me sad. He was speaking about making government services more readily available [...]

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Jun 032014
I'm in the news!

I’ve been a little quiet on here in the last few weeks. It’s nothing personal. I’ve been on holiday with my wife, and haven’t blogged while away. Normal service will resume shortly, I promise! In the meantime, here’s a fun thing – that post I wrote about Ricky Gervais back in January has made local [...]

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May 112014
How to share the gospel

What a presumptuous title for a blog post! It sounds like I, Dave Criddle, think I’ve cracked it and have the how-to guide on how to share the good news. Far from it!! This week, I preached on 1 Thessalonians 1:2-10. In it Paul describes how he shared the gospel with non-believers in Thessalonica. I was deeply challenged by his evangelistic method(s) and [...]

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