“If every prayer” by Riodhna Duncan

I’ve just got home from being with some of the wonderful young people from our church on an all night prayer event. It’s part of a 24/7 prayer initiative across churches in our community. It was an amazing time, and I am learning so much from the faith of these young guys and girls. They are incredible.

Every prayer

We spent from roughly 2am to 3am praying for people across the world who are suffering, especially suffering persecution for their faith. We heard information, facts and stories and prayed into situations. We lit candles for lots of different countries in the world, and re-lit them when they burned out.

And part way through, Riodhna Duncan spoke up.

The purpose of this post is simply to share what she shared. Riodhna is one of the greatest prayer warriors I’ve ever met. The way she prays is a challenge to me, and an inspiration to me. Her persistence in prayer moves me and urges me on to pray more fervently. Riodhna is 15.

She is a gifted writer, and is often inspired by God to put thoughts or ideas into prose. With her permission, I’m going to share what she wrote last night, what she encouraged us with last night, as we prayed for people suffering persecution and death for the sake of Jesus. I found it very moving, and I think it’s an important message for us to hear.

So this is Riodhna, on prayer:

If every prayer we prayed saved a life, would we not pray with every breath we gave? Would we not fill our days praying upon praying for the fixing of these broken, countless sufferings. Why do we not?

Why do we not believe that our prayers will change anything, any prayer we make, however simple—with few words, to complex—with many—these prayers are, may we never forget the true meaning of them.

We pray not out of being told to, but to ask our Lord Father above to help those who are in such turmoil, and so lost. We pray for those who we may never be able to help by ourselves, but who we can help with the power of you. Let us never forget, the true meaning of our prayers, our feelings, and our worship to you Lord, the one who conquerors.

Thanks, Riodhna, for allowing me to share this here.

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  • Junehapi

    Thanks for the post!

    Indeed every prayer make a different :)

    June Starine