Why & how do I write this blog?

Today I have had a post published on someone else’s blog, and I wanted to mention it here. It is on the wonderful blog of the even more wonderful Debbie Duncan. I know Debbie from our church. She is a lecturer in Nursing in London, and is married to our pastor Malcolm. She has four children, and I think they’re all great!

blog hop

What’s it all about?

The post she’s published is part of an idea called the ‘Monday blog hop’, where different writers talk about their writing, why the do it, how they do it, and other interesting things like that. Then they nominate another couple of writers to carry it on and host their post the following week.

Some in the series have been published authors and others – like me – are not. This blog is where I write, and at the moment that’s it!

The four questions I answered were:

What am I working on?
Why do I write what I write?
How does my work differ from others in its genre?
How does my writing process work?

So if you’re interested in any of that, head over to Debbie’s blog and it’s all there. But by way of a teaser, here’s a confession I make in the post:

I talk to myself a lot. Whether in the shower, while walking the dog or driving the car, I am someone who processes my thoughts by talking about them so I tend to start trying to argue with myself or an imaginary friend out loud.

I’ve nominated two people: my wife and Debbie’s husband. So this time next week their posts should appear here…

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