5 ways my blog makes me a better person

Earlier this week, I wrote a post called ‘5 ways my blog makes me a worse person’ and I promised a second post to balance it out. This is that post!

As I said there, my blog doesn’t make me good or bad. There are good and bad things about me, and this blog shines a light on both. Today, I celebrate five ways in which my blog gives an outlet for good things and nudges me along in good directions.

All that, after a picture of me (which is not technically a selfie, as pointed out on the previous post – thanks for that).

blog makes me better

1. It makes me creative

I was created by a Creator God, who made me in His image. Part of the gift He has blessed us all with is to continue His work of creation. There are hundreds of different ways we do that. Creative with music, art, poetry, prose, sport, language. People can exhibit a creative flair in business, with their money, in their friendships. All of it is because God has blessed us with an imagination and the ability to express it in creative ways.

This blog gives me a way to be creative, and that is a good thing!

2. It makes me assess things

I said in the first post that one danger is I start caring about things only because I might blog about them. That’s not good. But the flip side is that I find myself more keenly evaluating things, turning them over in my mind, weighing them against what I understand God to have revealed to us. A mindset change has happened and continues to happen. I’m less likely just to accept something and far more likely to examine it more deeply.

This blog helps me remember to go beyond the surface of all kinds of things and think a bit deeper.

3. It makes me think more clearly

I’ve said this a number of times on this blog, but blogging helps me structure my thoughts, and that is a good thing. The discipline of needing to take a thought and get somewhere helpful with it instead of just wafting off in myriad different directions is a very useful discipline indeed. Of course blogging isn’t the only way to do that, but it works for me!

Writing this blog forces my brain to work more clearly and actually commit to something for a while.

4. It makes me listen more

I don’t just write a blog. I read blogs. I read a lot of blogs. I interact with other bloggers and other bloggers interact with me. I would be foolish to put my fingers in my ears and just speak. I need to listen too, and the community of bloggers that exists has been a real blessing in urging me to do that.

Writing this blog exposes me to many voices and reminds me mine is not the only one that matters.

5. It makes me honest

As I explore many different things on this blog, I do so publicly. I want to be very clear – private reflection and exploration is a good thing, and I do that too, but having this in a public sphere keeps me honest and accountable. People can – and have! – let me know when they think I’ve missed the mark or what I’ve said isn’t a good idea. Knowing my thoughts will be exposed to the reading and critique of others keeps me intellectually and spiritually honest. We all need accountability.

This blog means I can’t run off on my own, because I have many brothers and sisters to keep me in check and call me back.

There is – I’m sure – far more than this. Anyone else got any other reasons blogging is good for the soul?

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  • James Pollard

    This is a bit off topic, and maybe puts you on the spot, but have you thought about video blogging? You’ve a gift of clarity in person as well as in writing.

    • http://limpingintotruth.blogspot.co.uk/ Dave Criddle

      I haven’t really ever thought about ‘vlogging’. I may have a think on that one… I can see both pros and cons. Thanks for the thought! It will now fester and we’ll see what happens.

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