An open email about poverty

A few weeks ago I wrote some blog posts about a document produced to combat the myths use about poverty in our country (here and here). I am delighted that this document is now part of a campaign by the charity ‘Church Action on Poverty‘.

I have used their website to send an email to my MP, Cheryl Gillan, and would like to urge you to consider doing the same. When I had sent the email, I was asked to pass on this email to ‘a few email contacts in my address book’. I thought posting it here might be better:


Dear friend

Would you take a few moments to ask your MP to read an important report about truth, lies and poverty?

Four major Christian denominations have produced a report The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty. They have sent a copy to every MP in the UK.

This report is important because it shows that common myths about poverty are demonstrably untrue – yet they underpin much thinking about poverty in the UK.  These myths have allowed vulnerable families to be blamed for their poverty, and they pollute the debate around poverty and welfare.

I believe that the issues of poverty and welfare are too important to allow myths and half-truths to influence the political debate. So I emailed my MP to ask them to make sure they read the report, and respond to its contents. 

Could you email your MP too? It only takes a couple of minutes, using this simple e-action



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